With over 20 years engineering experience, you can be assured of the quality you will receive from Autem

Each and every machine manufactured has been rigorously tested and is either UKCA or CE (depending on location of sale) certified.

Each part of the machine has total traceability and has been sourced from experts in their field. Maintenance of Autem machines is minimal and parts are easily sourced and changed.

Strong. Safe. Efficient.

The concept was to manufacture cost effective Lifting Machines which will improve health & safety, increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Autem Vacuum Lifters are battery powered and require NO installation making them extremely user friendly with great flexibility and lifting capacity thanks to the state of the art vacuum pumps, which makes them the lifter of choice no matter your industry and lifting requirements.

Vacuum and release are achieved in seconds enhancing your output.

So, whether you are looking to lift Steel, Wood, Precast Concrete, Pipes, GRP Panels or a slab for the garden path, give us a call and we can discuss the most suitable solution for you at competitive prices.

Suction Lifter